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Fire Rated Cables PH30 & PH120

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DATA SHEET PH 120 BGB100C02FR2.pdf

CABCON Technologies (Pty) Ltd manufactures PH30 as well as PH120 fire resistant cable that fully complies with the requirements of SANS 10139 and the maximum survival time stated in section 4.1 of BS EN 50200:2006 and BS 8434-2 test methods. A sample of PH30 as well as PH120 cable was forwarded to the South African Bureau of Standards Fire Testing Laboratories for compliance testing. Both tests were successfully concluded after the cable continued burning, while holding circuit integrity, in excess of the minimum requirements. PH30 is a standard version that burns for 30 minutes, while PH120 is an enhanced version that burns for 120 minutes (including shock and water spray). Our fire resistant cable is marketed with the brand name “CAB-TECH FIRE” under the Trade Mark “CAB-TECH™”

Fire Rated Cable Unarmoured Cable

Suitable for use on fire alarms and emergency lighting circuits and satisfies the requirements of the code of practice in each case (BS5839 Part 1).

Fire resistance: BS6387: Cat C - 950°C for 3 hours, Cat W - 650°C with water for 15 minutes, Cat Z - 950°C with mechanical shock for 15 minutes.

IEC60331: 750°C for 3 hours.

Flame propagation: BS EN 61034:2001, IEC60332-1, IEC60332-3 Cat C.

Smoke emissions: BS6724/IEC 601034; Ao<0.15 and BS7629-1

BSEN 61034:2005: *LT>90% light transmittance.

Corrosive acid gas: BSEN 50267-2-1:1999 Nil, IEC60754-1 all materials are halogen free.

Specifications: Meets standards for fire detection and alarm systems in BS5839 part 1 and for use in emergency lighting BS5266 part 1

Fire Rated Cable Unarmoured Cable

Batt Armoured Cables UK - EN12101

Fire Rated Cable Fire Rated Cable

BATT CABLES plc is a leading UK cable supplier and cable distributor including, computer cable, power cable, network cable, electrical cable and cable accessories. From an immediate demand to an integrated Project Cable Management Package, BATT CABLES can help.

BATT CABLES has a huge and diverse stock profile supplying electric cables to many industries:
Construction: building wiring, power cable, twin & earth cable, mains cables, BS5467 cable, control cable, crane cable and SWA cable
Onshore & Offshore: ship wiring, boat cable, NEK 606 cable, ship cable, IEC 60092 cable, BS6883 cable, IEC 60331 cable, IEC 60332 cable and festoon cable
Utilities: 33kv cable, 22kv cable, 11kv cable, bare copper cable, Drincable, bus cable, earth cable, pump cable, utility cable & triplex cable
Oil & Gas: lead cable, EEMUA cable, instrument cables, BS5308 cable, EN50288 cable, thermocouple cable, high temperature cable, welding cable, coil lead cable, cable glands & UKOOA cable
Fire & Safety: fire performance cable, BS6387 cable, BS7629 cable, fire alarm cable, emergency lighting cable, mineral cable, cwz cable & fire cable
Telecomms: data cable, coaxial cable, telephone cable, fibre optic cable, cat 5e cable, cat 6 cable, cat 7 cable, structured cabling, patch lead, BT cable, RS232 cable, CW1308 cable, ESI cable, microphone cable, electronics cable, audio cable, ethernet cable & telemetry cable

All cables supplied comply with all relevant national & international standards and type approvals including British Cable, harmonised cable, IEC Cable, NEK, KEMA, ABS, Bureau Veritas, DNV, UL, CSA, RINA, UKOOA, Germanischer Lloyd, China Classification Society, NK, Korean Register, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, Transport Canada and Lloyds Register of Shipping.

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Fire Performance Cable Standards.pdf

Batt Unarmoured Cable UK

Fire Resistant Multicore Cable BS7629-1 .pdf

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