Available in 24V DC power supply with battery back-up or 230V AC mains power supply as required. Natural smoke ventilation uses the inherent buoyancy of hot smoke to rise above escape routes thus leaving the occupants with a greater chance of making a safe escape. By introducing automatic window at high level that open upon detection of smoke, the smoke is allowed to escape to the atmosphere.
Automatic opening inlet windows at low level maintain the smoke reservoir at a safe level above head height to increase occupant’s visibility during escape.
It may be advantageous to use the windows (which are already installed in the fabric of the building) to provide additional fresh air to supplement an existing heating and cooling strategy. Control of the windows can deliver a low cost solution.
It is very advantageous to design window automation in at concept stage either as a fully blown natural ventilation system or as a hybrid mixed mode solution. Either way using automated windows brings huge cost savings for the running costs and therefore a lower carbon footprint.