Specific Control Functions

The Ventrite Thrust Fan System is one of the most efficient and cost effective car park ventilation systems available on the market today.Both day-to-day pollution and emergency smoke are safely and effectively ventilated. Designed to the highest standards and meeting the most stringent criteria to ensure all design requirements are met.
High System Performance Low Installation Costs Low Running Costs Optimises Car Park space CFD System Design Complete Turnkey Package available in UK Although the Ventrite Thrust Fan System works on surprisingly simple principles, highly trained engineers, backed up with the latest high quality Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) software, gain high system performance through skilled design. This system design, paired with Ventrite’s high-tech product design, ensures an optimised high performance system.
Ventrite offers a complete turnkey solution in the UK if required. Expert project management allows us to design, supply, install, test and commission, ensuring we deliver the complete solution.

Tested In Accordance To The European Standard EN 12101-3 Standard

This highly specialized jet fan thrust system range have successfully been tested according to the EN 12101-3 standard, by an approved European Institution and have achieved outstanding results in the following disciplines:

Car Park Induction Thrust Fans Range