The Euro Shadow Line Dual-Purpose Smoke and Heat ventilator offers an aesthetically pleasing patented design to provide maximum smoke exhaust under fire conditions. The Euro Shadow Line Range is designed as a Normally Open ventilator and is unique in its class.
It has also been tested to be fully weatherproof in the closed position. The primary function is to save stock, save buildings, and most importantly save lives. In the event of a fire the louvre blades would open without failure by means of our innovative and unique gravity operated normally open system.
The louvre blades will open automatically to its fully open position and will remain open to combat smoke exhaust in the highest wind velocity regions without failure. The Euro Shadow Line is effective in keeping escape routes clear of smoke and aiding fire fighters to see and combat the fire. The Euro Shadow Line has also been tested as a highly efficient louvred natural ventilator which enhances comfort and productivity by providing cooling ventilation, releasing heat build-up and relieving psychological stress by giving natural day light in summer. In winter, it conserves heat in the fully closed position.

Tested & Certified in Accordance With The European Standard EN 12101-2

This highly specialized smoke ventilator range have successfully been tested according to the EN 12101-2 standard and the EN 1812 standard, by an approved European Institution and have achieved outstanding results in the following disciplines: