Fire Rated Isolators

Specific Control Functions

Craig & Derricott has been producing switch disconnectors for more than 30 years. Combining there switching expertise with the specific requirements of the ventilation industry, led to the development of there "High Temperature Isolation" range. Excellent switching characteristics with high temperature environment contact stability makes this the ideal product range.

The critical role these switches perform is to maintain the power to the ventilation equipment, allowing safe evacuation of a business or public area. Often, these devices are mounted local to the extraction fans. As an assembly, it is essential they comply with the stringent thermal requirements of BS EN 12101 - 2003.

The complete range are housed in metal enclosures, the user can therefore be assured that there will be no distortion affecting the connecting cables and its support.

Tested In Accordance To The European Standard EN 12101-3 Standard

BS EN 12101-3 : 2003 specification calls for dynamic tests designed to check the performance of complete ventilation systems - the associated fire rating and fire performance of the electrical isolator is required to maintain the essential supply throughout the duration of the fire test. Fire rated isolators (F400 class) are available in 20amp, 32amp, 63amp, 125amp, 160amp and 200amp current ratings.