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We would like to draw your attention to the fact that only Ventrite Services is accredited to issue Renewed and Valid Guarantees with the completion of each maintenance interval, which includes reasonable responsibility for proven loss or consequential damage contributed by the failure of such system to operate to its intended purpose and design in the unfortunate event of fire.

As your building ventilation partner, the ventilation-related safety and protection of your premises is of the utmost importance to us. Part of this involves complying with smoke and fire legislation. We pride ourselves with high standards of quality workmanship in accordance with our Quality Management System and ISO 9001:2015 Certification and will not issue a Certificate of Guarantees if not totally satisfied with the Smoke Ventilation Service done to our high quality standards, and the system being certified to comply too its intended design and full operating function.

The reasonable responsibility for proven loss or consequential damage included within our guarantees, also carries an insurance value that contributes to the total maintenance cost. You would probably require this Official Manufacturer’s Certificate of Guarantee for your comprehensive insurance cover and related purposes.

Please be aware of other service providers in the open market unable to provide the above stated against possible water ingress, storm damage and the devastating effect of fire to property, stock and most import, people’s lives. We urge you to please give the above statements great consideration before deciding on your smoke ventilation partner, and possible unqualified service providers, for this gravely important safety and protection function of your premises and staff.

Maintenance Regulations:

Maintenance of smoke control systems and are regulated in terms of Act 107 of 1977 and Regulation A1(4) pertaining to rule of SANS 10400 in accordance with NATIONAL BUILDING REGULATIONS SANS 10400 2011. This Regulation states as follows:


  • The owner of any building shall ensure that any mechanical equipment or any service installation provided in or in connection with such building, pursuant to these regulations or pursuant to any building by-law which was in operation prior to the coming into operation of the Act, shall be maintained in a safe condition.
  • Such owner of any person appointed by such owner to be in control of such building shall ensure that where such equipment or installation is designed to be kept operating during the times of normal occupancy of the building it is kept operating in such a manner as to attain any standard of performance prescribed in these regulations or in any by-law contemplated in sub regulation (1) for such equipment or installation.
  • The local authority may serve a notice on such owner or person requiring him to comply with sub regulation (1) or (2) within the time specified in such notice.
  • The local authority may, by notice, in writing to the owner, order the evacuation of such building where the state of such equipment or installation will cause conditions which in the opinion of the local authority may be detrimental to the safety or health of the occupiers or users of such building.
  • Any owner of person who contravenes the requirements of sub regulation (1) OR (2) or fails to comply with any notice served in terms of sub regulation (3) or (4) shall be guilty of an offence.

Scope of Work

Ventrite International provide labour and equipment to a comprehensive maintenance procedure of the smoke ventilators, to its primary smoke ventilation design: