Smoke Baffles Alpha Maritex 3200-2-SP

ALPHA FIRESCREEN 3200-2-SP is a woven fibreglass fabric coated with a specially formulated micronised aluminium polymer which provides a heat reflecting surface as well as other properties for the manufacture of smoke curtains, smoke blinds, cavity wall fire barriers and other types of smoke and fire control systems. Other applications are insulation covers where 3200-2-SP can be used as an attractive alternative to foil faced laminates for less demanding end uses.

Smoke Baffles FP3500

Grade series FP3500 is a non-flammable fibreglass fabric which is used in applications where a flexible and non flammable fabric is required. The fabric contains a proprietary coating which improves workability and reduces fraying normally associated with fibreglass fabrics. Grade FP3500 sews easily.