Specific Control Functions

Our fan technology plays several important roles in the event of an emergency condition. Each could be an important defense against life-threatening fumes and hot smoke:
Control and removal of hot smoke/gases to give time for occupants to escape – even if the fan itself is subject to high temperatures. Extraction of ‘cool’ smoke while it remains unstable in the early stages of a fire.
Pressurization: supply of clean air into escape routes to hold back smoke.
Clearance: removal of residual smoke after fire is contained and suppressed Natural ventilation may be inadequate for these needs, particularly where ‘cool’ smoke may be involved, and could be compromised by prevailing winds.

Tested In Accordance To The European Standard EN 12101-3 Standard

This highly specialized smoke fan extraction range have successfully been tested according to the EN 12101-3 standard, by an approved European Institution and have achieved outstanding results in the following disciplines: