The Stormline Inlet and Outlet louvres are designed and manufactured by Ventrite International and offers a natural ventilation function, or as a smoke ventilation system depending on specification by a Fire Engineer.
Any engineered ventilation scheme is incomplete without adequate provision to replace the air exhausted. Failure to provide replacement air will result in an inefficient ventilation system.
Although doors and windows can be incorporated into a design, they are not a reliable source of air inlet and it is therefore necessary to calculate the number of louvered openings, which must be correctly positioned to ensure that the ventilation equipment is fully effective.

Adjustable Louvers

The design features of our adjustable air inlet louvres in the open position are greater than our fixed louvre type, and are also capable of being closed by manual or automatic control mechanisms.
When closed they completely cut off the supply of air through this source. We regard Stormline adjustable louvres as standard equipment for most industrial ventilation systems in the harsh African climate.

Fixed Louvers

The general design requirement of our standard Z-type blade profile fixed inlet louvre is that it shall have as great a clear opening as possible. However, such an inlet is not satisfactory unless it is also weather resistant in normal wind conditions. Our Stormline fixed inlet louvres satisfies both these requirements.
The general design requirement of our Stormproof-type blade profile fixed inlet louvre is more resilient to changing weather conditions and subsequently differs from our standard Z-type blade profile. The Stormproof-type blade profile is specifically designed for coastal areas, however it can be used for various applications where high wind speeds maybe of a concern.
Units can be designed in sizes suitable for most schemes and can be installed in any type of wall or cladding application.

Continue-Line Louvers

This is a continuous horizontal louvre panel of any length and height. By virtue of its unbroken lines it combines an attractive appearance with a large area of opening for the passage of air. The narrow profile, concealed support mullions, joined louvre blades and the availability of corner sections present the appearance of an unbroken line of louvre, regardless of the panel size or shape.
The louvres are supplied and packaged in a knocked-down 'kit-form' and the components will have to be assembled on the site by qualified installers. The louvres will require a supporting structural framework of sufficient strength around the perimeter of the opening, to provide adequate support to the louvre installed. The dimensions of the openings will have to be measured prior to commencing with manufacture.