The Vortex MK4 Thermo Ventilator, designed and manufactured by Ventrite International, is a highly specialised natural ventilator, specially designed to offer thermal relief for the high heat loads produced by heavy industrial process plants. The Vortex MK4 combines a high heat exhaust capacity with an aesthetically appealing neat profile and low silhouette.
The Vortex MK4 utilizes a unique and fully patented multi-tiered structure that enhances air flow from the inlets at the unit base, to the outlets above, via three levels of profiled steel deflector plates.
These deflector plates serve both to increase air velocity as it moves through the unit, as well as incorporating an integral and self-regulating drainage system. This results in the Vortex MK4 being fully weather-proof and resistant to rain ingress, in both cold-start and positive flow conditions. This is a vital consideration where water ingress could result in damage or loss.
The Vortex MK4 is extremely versatile in the manner and configuration in which it can be installed. Independent units can be situated where needed, or continuous lengths can be installed on either the ridge or the slopes of the roof. The units are supplied in a fully knocked-down component format for ease of transportation and installation.
The discharge co-efficiency has been independently tested using state-of-the-art CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) flow simulation software. The Vortex MK4 is specifically designed to offer maximum exhaust effectiveness under high heat load, in addition to releasing large quantities of buoyant gases to the atmosphere. A full report on the CFD testing procedure and results is available on request.
The Vortex MK4 Industrial Thermo-Ventilator is an innovative and unique product that is set to revolutionise the industrial ventilation industry by offering a viable alternative to other oversized, unsightly and cumbersome products that are presently on offer in the industry.
The Vortex MK4 has recently been appraised and approved of by a major multi-national industrial engineering company and is set to become their specification for the ventilation of a number of key high heat output industrial process plants presently under construction in South Africa and other African countries.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of the Vortex Ventilator – MK4